Course curriculum

  • 1

    Canadian Fertility Show 2021 Replay

    • Introduction to the show layout

  • 2

    Nutrition and Natural Fertility Supports

    • Optimizing Fertility with nutrition and supplementation By Dr. Jodie Peacock ND

    • Optimize your egg quality to improve your chances of success By: Dr Zeynep Uraz ND

    • Facilitating fertility through pelvic health By Dr. Sinead Dufour PhD

    • Mastering Health Basics to optimize fertility By Michelle Kapler R. AC. FABORM

    • PCOS- How to optimize your fertility naturally By: Dr. Jodie Peacock ND

    • Mastering Health Basics to optimize fertility By Michelle Kapler R. AC. FABORM

    • The resilient fertility framework - Managing fertility after pregnancy loss By: Dr. Laura Nicholas ND

    • The what, why and how acupuncture helps your fertility by: Mary Wong, B.Sc, R.TCMP, R.Ac

    • The stress-fertility connection and a roadmap to overcome by: Dr. Jessica Liu, ND

    • What you need to know about hormone disruptors and conception by: Emma Rohmann

    • Optimizing sperm health – It takes 2 to tango by: Dr. Irena Bergmann, ND

  • 3

    Clinical Fertility Education

    • IVF 101 - Everything you should know about fertility treatments by: Dr. Marjorie Dixon, MD, FRCSC, FACOG, REI

    • Unexplained infertility - What does it mean, what are your potential options by: Dr. Gwen Goodrow, MSc, MD, FRCSC (OBGYN), FACOG, REI

    • Endometrial receptivity - How do fertility doctors assess the endometrium? By: Dr. Dan Nayot, B.Sc, M.Sc, MD, FRCSC, GREI

    • The egg donation process in America by: Dr. Joseph Doyle, MD

  • 4

    All about egg and sperm donation and surrogacy

    • Everything you need to know about fresh egg donation in Canada by: Liz Ellwood, Heather Brooks, R.N. and Dr. Erica Berman, PhD

    • Help! My sperm donor is a carrier of a genetic disease By: Jamie K. Dokson, LCGC

    • Surrogacy options in North America by: Petra Dach, RPN

    • Guaranteed baby? Frozen donor eggs from the USA by: Heidi Hayes, MA

    • Legal aspects of surrogacy and egg donation in Canada by: Sara R. Cohen, LL.B.

    • Tall, handsome, talented...and genetically compatible? Advice for selecting a sperm donor in the modern era By: Dr. Jaime Shamonki, MD

    • How to choose a donor By: Lisa Schuman, LCSW

    • The Secret Society - a film about egg donation - trailer premiere & a discussion with donors from the film by: Catapult Pictures